USA_Grey_Wall_1024x1024Artist and mechanical engineer Dan Linden has taken an industrial laser cutter and is creating works of art out of the everyday map.  While working at a roller coaster company, Dan had an idea to make use of the laser cutter in this office to create a three dimensional replication of his Columbus neighborhood on a beverage coaster to be sold at the monthly art fair.


After creating his neighborhood on the coaster and selling it at the fair, he was flooded with requests to have other neighborhoods in the area replicated.  The idea came into his mind that this was more than just a hobby and he could expand into larger projects to encompass entire cities, states and even subway & nature preserve paths.  It was no longer just a weekend project and CUTMAPS was crated.


His shop currently sells wall and table maps of major cities around the world and some of the great states here in the USA, (Ohio is into mix for sure).  He has recently expanded into wood mobile device and takes custom requests if your city, state or country is not currently for sale.  He does a lot of custom work for businesses, including hotels and bars.



The below video is a taste of how these works of art are made, enjoy!


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