In 1967, singer/songwriter Arlo Guthrie released an album titled ‘Alice’s Restaurant’. The main song on the album was a 18 minute, 34 second musical monologue, by the same name. It is a historical account of events that Arlo and his friend Richard Robins experienced Thanksgiving Day, 1965.

The song was an instant hit and its lyrics became a slogan for the 1960’s anti-war movement. Historically played on radio stations at 12 noon on Thanksgiving day, marking the day in which the events of the song took place. This song that was so popular in the 1960’s is very much relevant today.



moon-3NASA just released the entire Apollo Mission Project photo portfolio on Flickr.  Spanning from Apollo 7, the first manned test fight, to Apollo 17, the final lunar mission, this collection of photos is spectacular and gives us a real perspective of what is was like to orbit the earth and travel to the moon.

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Technically fall officially starts on September 23, but the weather has already started to turn here in the Midwestern United States.  The mornings and evenings are cool and crisp with mild temps throughout the day. Its not time yet to break out the full on jackets and coats, but there is a need for that extra mid-layer.

We at NCG feel the graphic crew neck sweatshirt is the perfect answer to that layer.  We have searched the interweb for some great choices and have called them out below. Enjoy and stay warm!
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.28.22 PM

Todd Snyder + Champion:  $128.00

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S15_NA_S15_RUNNER_100_PD1For the past five or so summers, I have started the season off on a quest to find the perfect, simple, non-in-your face logo trainer.  A trainer so versatile that allows me to wear it on the weekends and if I wanted to feel like a rebel, I could rock them with a sport jacket at the office or even better, with a suit when I am presenting to the board of directors. Each season I start this quest and end up having to chose from the normal cast of charters, the New Balance 574, the Converse Jack Purcell Signature, or the adidas Original Rod Laver.  I am happy to say this season, even thought we are 3/4 of the way through it, I found a new brand and style to choose from.

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USA_Grey_Wall_1024x1024Artist and mechanical engineer Dan Linden has taken an industrial laser cutter and is creating works of art out of the everyday map.  While working at a roller coaster company, Dan had an idea to make use of the laser cutter in this office to create a three dimensional replication of his Columbus neighborhood on a beverage coaster to be sold at the monthly art fair.


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