Noble County Gold: A collection of things that I find intriguing.  These are pieces I find in my everyday journey as I try to seek out what is real.  I find pride in discovering items that are rich in heritage and still are relevant for today.

Comments:  I welcome comments to each of the entries and will use them to make Noble County Gold a better site.  I do ask that you try not to ‘bash’ or ‘belittle’ comments left by others.  I hold the right to remove comments if I feel the need to do so.

Photographs:  The curator will try his best to give the needed credit to photographs that are not under Noble County Gold ownership.  If a photograph posted to the site is yours and you would like credit for that photograph, or you would like it removed, please contact the curator and he will add your information, or remove the photograph from the site.

Curator:  A midwestern gentleman that has been in the rag business for 9+ years.  He gets excited at a box full of vintage buttons or correctly executed felled seams, to him, it’s all about the details.


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