In 1967, singer/songwriter Arlo Guthrie released an album titled ‘Alice’s Restaurant’. The main song on the album was a 18 minute, 34 second musical monologue, by the same name. It is a historical account of events that Arlo and his friend Richard Robins experienced Thanksgiving Day, 1965.

The song was an instant hit and its lyrics became a slogan for the 1960’s anti-war movement. Historically played on radio stations at 12 noon on Thanksgiving day, marking the day in which the events of the song took place. This song that was so popular in the 1960’s is very much relevant today.



willie-nelson-and-sons-5Willie is the latest musician to join the ranks of artists being featured in this round of John Varvatos’s advertisement campaigns.   Nelson is featured with his two sons, Lucas and Micah, both of whom are also professional musicians.


The shoot took place in the famous Salisbury House museum, located in Des Moines and was shot by David Clinch, whom has become famous for his black and white photographs that have become a staple in for Varvatos over the past 18 campaigns.


To quote Varvatos, “In all the iconic music ad campaigns we have shot over the last eight years, I have never been so moved as I was working with Willie Nelson and his sons…Willie is a true American icon, and it runs deep in the bloodline.”


The campaign kicked off yesterday on the the John Varvatos site, will be featured in the staple men’s magazines and around town in the larger US cities.


I was unable to attend the Spring/Summer 2012 preview party thrown by Lands’ End Canvas a few months back, but just caught this video and I am very excited about what they showed and what I can assume to be live on the site/in-store in the next few weeks.  (Yes, I know it still ‘winter’, but Feb is ‘spring’ in the retail world)  Easy, casual pieces, infused with color and just the right amount of style, are what LEC is standing for this season.  Collection looks great and I have already picked out a few must have pieces for myself.  Great job guys! 

(Disclosure:  The Noble County Gold curator was previously employed by Lands’ End/LEC and received no benefit from them by posting this video.)