peter-bellerby1Not able to find the perfect globe for his father on his 80th birthday, Peter Bellerby took matters into his own hands.  He designed one himself and in 2008, due to the large popularity of his globes, Bellerby & Co Globemakers was founded.


He and his team create the sphere out of plaster and then glue the triangular strips, or ‘gore’ to the sphere, without any ripping or ripples.  His technique took 18+ months to perfect and over 100 globes were tossed into the scrap pile along the way.  To quote Peter, ‘…any mistake on the sphere is then multiplied by Pi…so its extremely important to get the sphere 100% correct, its the base of the entire project.’


Bespoke globe-making died off years ago.  Peter is one of two know artisans that currently create globes 100% by hand.  Bellerby & Co. do everything in-house.  Peter feels that way they all learn from their successes and opportunities and it is a truly organic process from start to finish.


They main goal is to remind people how limited edition crafting still exists.  In our instantaneous society, people like Peter and his handmade globes still leave a mark on your memory.

Meet the Craftsman Who Makes the World’s Coolest Globes


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