I am always in the market for nice things and stumbled across these Dovo scissors on Kaufmann Mercantile while doing some research for another project.  Made of high carbon stainless, these scissors are strong and will carry an edge much longer than your basic household scissors.

Dovo takes so much pride in these scissors, they ensured their product was allowed to carry the wording ‘Solingen’, which is the city where they are made, but more importantly, the city only allows goods to use that name if they live up to the high standards of materials and manufacturing.

Well balanced and smooth cutting these scissors are a thing of beauty.  KM offers them in a 7″ household and a 6″ paper version.

dovo_satin_cu1_flags_r_scissors_1024x1024 dovo-satin-stainless-steel_1024x1024 stainless_steel_household_scissors_dovo_1024x1024 dovo-satin-master-scissors_1024x1024


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