A few Sunday’s ago I came across an article about J.G. Francis and his partner Sean Johnstun in the NYT Style Magazine. These two gents founded Mercedes Motoring out their love for vintage Mercedes. Francis and Johnstun find these classics, give them the needed TLC and turn them back into the gems they were when they rolled off the production line in the late 60’s and 70’s. Francis states ‘in my opinion they are the best mass-production cars ever made’.

They do have some conditions on what auto’s they will/will not refurbish. It must have low mileage and be mostly original with respect to paint, interior, and drivetrain. There must be extensive documented history validating their low miles and it needs to have been well-maintained and garage-kept.

The team will find an auto for you if you don’t like their current inventory. They only ask for some info and a $1500 deposit to begin the search. Their site has a few currently up for sale, including photos of past works and testimony from current owners. Here is just a sampling of what Mercedes Motoring has to offer.

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