modal_big_1Ben Brockland & David Palmer set out to build a better mousetrap. Well, not really a mousetrap, but a better fitting undershirt. They felt the traditional, run of the mill cotton undershirts were too big, baggy and did’t fit well when worn under a classic button down. The two were so passionate about this they took their own money and founded Underfit.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 12.01.48 PM

Underfit uses a fabric called ProModal, which is made up of Modal, Tencel and Lycra. These fibers allow ProModal to be soft, functional and form-fitting. This fabric is then made into the classic v-neck or crew neck undershirt. This final product is a comfortable, well fitting undershirt. I personally tested the product and at times I even forgot I was wearing it.

The best part about Underfit is that Ben & David didn’t go overseas or off-shore for production. The ProModal and Underfit shirts are both made right here in the USA and carry a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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