I have been golfing and watching golf a lot this season and have made one major observation, golfers have zero style!  (The other major observation is that my 26 handicap needs to come down.)  Go to your local course or turn on the television weekend after weekend, and all you will see are men in ill fitting polos and pants or shorts, that 9 times out of 10, have pleats.  With this trend of bright colors, mixed with white belts that match back to your shoes, the icon on your hat, your bag and golfing 18 is more like watching the clowns at the circus than a leisurely afternoon on the course with your friends.  Top all of that off with the fact that you have to search the globe for a golf polo that is NOT made of synthetic fibers and you have one hell of a mess!

With the above being said, I felt there was an opportunity to put together a classic golf kit, with traditional style and to sweeten the deal, all items in the kit are made right here in the USA.  I wear and use some of the above items when I golf and can vouch that I get comments that I look too formal and a major statement is “What do you mean your shirt is not Cool/Dry/Heat Max?’.  I’m a traditionalist when it comes to golf, including the game and the gear.

Steven Alan Tennis Polo $98.00
Allen Edmonds Double Eagle Golf Shoes $345.00
Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls $48.00/4 doz
Salty Dog Cafe Logo Golf Town $10.00
Steven Alan Yukon Trouser $198.00
Zero Friction Yellow 2.75in Tees $36.00/300 pcs
Footjoy Leather Golf Glove $20.00
Club Glove Aficionado IV Stand Bag $189.00
Boast USA Classic Red Leaf Cap $28.00
Ping G15 Black Dot Irons 3-9WS $415.00


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