Yesterday the boys over at HOMAGE released 2 tees that pay tribute to the Wendy’s ‘Where’s the beef?’ campaign from the early 1980’s.  Having grown up in Northeastern Ohio during that decade, the ‘Where’s the beef?’ catchphrase became part of my daily dialect.  I can vividly remember my mother yelling at me too ‘Knock the ‘Where’s the beef?’ crap off!’, after what I am sure was the 100th time I said it that particular day.  (I have edited my mothers language for those ‘under 18’ readers

The marketing campaign lasted a year and put Wendy’s in the forefront of people’s minds when it came to hamburgers.  Wendy’s VP of communications was quoted stating ‘Clara accomplished as much in five weeks as we did in 14 and a half years.’  Three little old ladies and a hamburger, who would have thought?


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