Noble County Gold has been up and running for little over 1.5 years and I felt it was time for a face lift.  I shopped around, getting multiple consultations, 2nd and in some cases, 3rd opinions.  I needed to make sure this face lift was as painless as possible and would allow Noble County Gold to look fresher and more youthful.  (Those are the main reason why you get a face lift, no?)

I am happy to say that when the bandages were removed, it was a success!  There is still some minimal swelling, so please bare with me.  (Older post/photos are being added daily.)  If you had a link to NCG on your site, there should be no need to change/update, as www.noblecountygold.com is still valid. (Thanks go-daddy!)  Oh, if you didn’t have a link, why don’t you take 5 minutes and add one.

I also wanted to thank the readers and fellow bloggers for their support over the past 1.5 years.  As I said when I launched this site: ‘It’s collection of things that I find intriguing.  These are pieces I find in my everyday journey as I try to seek out what is real.  I find pride in discovering items that are rich in heritage and still are relevant for today.’  While some of the posts have strayed from that comment, it is still a core value that this site and my life is based around.

Hope you enjoy the new site.  Take your time, look around, stop into the Noble County Gold General Store.  You’ll be glad you did.


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