Since 1955 in a small town in Northwestern Ohio, Wilson Sporting Goods has been turning out 4,000 footballs a day. (That’s well over 1 million footballs a year for your non-math majors) The Wilson factory employs 120 people who either live in Ada or are from the surrounding areas.

Having personally lived in Ada, I can assure you that each of those workers values their job and the quality of work they put in each day is second to none. These are real people, taking pride in what they do. Each football is handmade, there is no automation on the factory floor.

One their site, Wilson has put up some great videos showcasing the factory, the workers and the town in which these footballs are constructed. It is the world’s only factory dedicated to solely producing footballs. The balls for America’s Game made right here in the America, who would have thought?


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