This past Friday, over a lunch meeting with the family CFO, I broke away from my normal routine of ordering a High Life with my meal and ordered a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale to accompany my fish and chips.

Brewed by the Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co, in the heart of thoroughbred country, this beer debuted in 2006 and completes Alltech’s triple crown of beers. Midway through the brewing process, the Kentucky Ale is transferred to used oak bourbon barrels. (Due to historical liquor and union laws, bourbon distillers can only use the barrels one time, so once the bourbon is extracted, the oak barrels are sold to Alltech)

The Kentucky Ale completes it brewing process in the bourbon soaked oak barrels and is ready for carbonation and bottling. This final step can take up to 8 weeks, ensuring all the flavor and richness from the inside of the barrel is combined with the golden Kentucky Ale that is held inside.

This technique gives this ale a very unique taste and also packs a punch, with up to a 9% alcohol content. (label reads 7% but that depends on the actual length of time the ale is in the barrel, as well as what distiller the barrel originated)

Don’t get me wrong, this will NEVER replace my first love, but it is a great ‘go-to’ if High Life is not on the menu.



  1. Nice! I’d love to see a post on bourbons in the future and the craftsmanship behind making them. It would fit with your USA-made theme.

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