I ran across an article in the May edition of Chicago Magazine about two designers in Wicker Park that started a menswear line that takes inspiration from the 19th century and combines it with modern functionality.

Vagrant Nobility, founded by friends, Michael Morarity and Tim Tierney, was an idea that spawned out of their dissatisfaction with what they were seeing other college males wearing while both attended the University of Cincinnati. ‘We saw guys who had a budget to spend money on clothing…but it was just awful and it’s everywhere: polos and chinos.’

Their Summer 2011 line is far from polos and chinos. Influenced by Ken Burns,‘The Civil War’, the gents made sure each garment is durable and functional. Using up to 90% certified organic materials, the assortment has high end details, but with an approachable attitude. Top it off with the line being manufactured in the Windy City, it makes every piece in the assortment a must have.


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