The other week my wife, who runs Widdershins, was looking for some spring gear for herself. She was extremely disappointed and not really impressed by the current spring assortments from her favorite designers and brands.

Fortunate for me, this lead her to search the inter-web for a great looking spring outfit for myself. To be honest, she does this a lot, even when she does find things she likes and purchases for herself. I can always count on coming home to a package or a bag from one of my favorite brands, as well as seeing the great things she bought to wear. (Yeah I know, I am lucky)

The outfit she put together is great, taking items from all my favorite brands and is a perfect match to my personal style. Below is an excerpt from her actual post. If you have not checked out her site, I strongly suggest you do. She has a great eye for the details, her hand-knit goods are to die for and her personal style is killer. Those are only three of the reasons why I married her.

“Here’s what I picked out for Shawn today: The Gitman Bros. button down would be a welcome addition to his closet, the grey tee from John Varvatos looks soft and perfectly worn in (something I could steal) while the Steven Alan jacket would be a nice change from his beloved Barbour. I absolutely LOVE the new wash from Baldwin Denim. . . so over the dark denim all the time. (Sorry, honey.) Of course, I couldn’t forget his favorite accessories: aviator shades, clean white tennies, a J.W. Hulme messenger to haul his work stuff, and don’t forget the obligatory Rolex. Hope you like it, honey.” (I DO)



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