For Spring/Summer 2011 Heritage Research has teamed up with Katin to produce one of the best board shorts of the season.

Handmade in the U.S.A., these board shorts are the result of two great companies collaborating. Often we see collaborations go wrong, where one side over-powers the other and the end result is something that neither side feels proud of, but that does not hold true with this style.

Heritage Research has combined their contemporary style and clean lines with Katin’s iconic canvas fabric. These just dropped over at one my favorite sites, PRESENT. With spring right around the corner, why not be prepared and buy a pair now?



  1. I really like the collaborations Katin has been doing the last few seasons. The Apolis version got me through last summer, might need to pick up a pair of these for my annual trip up to Door Co this summer. Sweet Sea! J Henley

  2. J, I actually used to work with these guys before, very cool, I may still have their info, if there is interest to do a partnership, let me know?

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