In the summer of 1964, The Who’s manager Pete Meaden, convinced the band members to change the bands name to The High Numbers. This change was made solely to market the gents to the avid Mod craze that was sweeping the U.K.

As The High Numbers, they released a single ‘Zoot Suit/I’m The Face’, which was met with poor reviews and even lower listening acceptance from the Mod subculture.

During a gig late that summer at the Railway Tavern, Townshend broke the head of his guitar off though the ceiling. Upset by the crowds reaction, he began to smash the rest of his guitar right there on the stage. He then picked up another guitar and finished the set to the crowds applause and cheers. Not to be over looked, Keith Moon joined in and kicked over his drum set.

With those destructive two actions, the 4 gents shed the name The High Numbers, reverted back to their name as The Who, and became a world wide success.


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