I was disappointed for not being able to to attend last months Pop Up Flea Market in NYC. This turned to extreme disappointment when I saw that my favorite U.S. bag maker and one of the best in the industry, J.W. Hulme Co. was going to be a vendor and was going to be debuting a limited edition Awning Tote.

Being an owner of J.W. Hulme Co. product and knowing their items are made of top quality materials assembled here in the U.S.A., I had to get my hands on 1 of the 10 they were selling at the Pop Up Flea. (Plus, the wife, had made a comment she would like one and I always like to keep her happy)

Having been introduced to the J.W. Hulme Co. team while at NorthernGrade this past fall, I went directly to the source. Larry, one of the master product developers, notified me that he had one left and that he would send it my way.

When I opened the box, the smell of the American Heritage Leather filled the room. The quality of materials and craftsman shift are superior to any other bag in the market. Each stitch, rivet and embossing are hand done by true artisans. This is a true work of art and like a fine wine, it will only get better with age.


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