In honor and remembrance of the of the Veterans past and present, I wanted to share some photos of our family’s heros that served to protect this nations freedom, Lieutenant John A. Grzybowski, (Pacific Theater) and Sergeant William Sassaman (European Theater). (Note: Missing are photos of Sergeant Maurice Colley, who served in the 101st Airborne Division. You ever hear of Band of Brothers?)



  1. I appreciate every day to have the freedom to do what I do because of what the men and women who have served have done for me. I wear a replica of my grandfathers dog tag in honor of him… Meadows, W.C.US Army155th Field ArtilleryPFC 20 815 926He fudged the date on his birth certificate and enlisted at the age of 16. Served in the European Theater and was fortunate to have once been a driver for General Patton. I fly my stars and stripes proudly today.

  2. The picture of my dad, Captain John A. Grzybowski at discharge, standing with my cousin Eddie Bianchi, is in Hawaii.  Apparently, Dad saved him from a situation that would have resulted in severe discipline.  That resulted in Uncle John being a favorite of cousin Ed and his family for life.  The follies of youth were understood by my dad, who unfortunately did not show as much lienency with his children.  God rest both their souls.  Miss you dad.

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