My personal style can be summed up in one word, rugged. (Yes, I like to think the Free & Easy editors had me in mind when they added the term ‘rugged style’ to their books.) Recently, I have made it a goal to step up my style and made a point to integrate some more refined pieces into my wardrobe.

Neckwear was an easy solution, but I was running into issues finding neckwear that would meld well with my numerous chambray and workwear shirts and not look out of place around my neck. While at NorthernGRADE this past September, I was introduced to two people who have helped me solve this issue.

Kat and Mac McMillian, founders of Pierrepont Hicks, create some of the best neckwear made in the U.S.A. (Yep, you read that correctly, their ties are made here, specifically in New York.) The quality and attention to detail on every tie is outstanding. They use only the best English Wool and each piece of neckwear is assembled by master craftsmen. Their ties bring a sense of refinement to an outfit, but are not overstated, they complete an outfit, not overpower it. Wearing neckwear from Pierrepont Hicks, allows me to be my rugged self, only now with a bit more polish.


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