I’m not a sport coat type of guy. Anybody who knows me can attest to that statement and can count on one hand the times I have worn a sport coat to the office, dinner, or out for an evening in the past 12 months. It’s not for the fact that I don’t want to look polished or do not like sport coats, it’s more for the fact that I don’t like having that extra layer a sport coat provides. Basically, I just hate being over-heated. This issue has historically put a damper on my fall wardrobe, but this season I have found an alternative, a waistcoat.

Waistcoats, or vests, have been around for centuries. The style was first made popular by King Charles II, when he made them an official piece of his wardrobe and court dress during the restoration of the British monarchy. Over the years styles and fit have changed, but the basic design behind it has held constant.

My wife understands my sport coat dilemma and agreed that a waistcoat might be a great alternative. On her weekly errands, she stopped into the Orvis and surprised me with a wool herringbone option.(shown above) My first response was grateful, having received a gift on a random Thursday. My second response was ‘That’s from Orvis, I am sure the fit is going to be all messed up.’ I tried it on and was blown away by the fit. It was tight to the body, yet had enough room for movement. It hit right above the top of my denim and when fully buttoned, held a tie in place nicely.

The team at Orvis knows what they are doing and have expanded my view of the brand. It is no longer a place where I just go to get my Barbour outerwear and dog beds.


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