About 4 weeks ago I came up with the idea of a ‘Family Logo’. It was based loosely around the ancient practice of a Coat of Arms, used by feudal lords and knights in the mid-12th century on the battlefields as a way of identifying allies from enemy soldiers. My family has a Coat of Arms, but its symbolism really does not hold true for the current generation. I wanted to take what relevant for today and create a 21st century version of Coat of Arms.

My wife and I call ourselves ‘Team Colley’. This started when we made the move from Ohio to Wisconsin. When we first moved, we didn’t have any friends, it was just myself, my wife and our lab Walter. We starting calling our group, ‘Team Colley’. We have a family saying of ‘We Get Shit Done’. That statement basically embodies how we live our lives. We don’t do anything half-ass, take challenges head-on and get done what is needed. I felt those two things would be perfect for the basis our family logo.

I reached out to a fellow N.E.O blogger/creative genius, Joseph Hughes of Northcoast Zeitgeist to create the design. I have followed his work and was always impressed by his design talent. Plus, being from Ohio, I knew I could be able to trust him with such an important project. (It’s a N.E.O thing) What he came back with was nothing less than perfect! He took our verbiage and the states where Team Colley hail and created a modern day Coat of Arms. Mr. Hughes hit the ball out of the park on this logo and we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with him on this project.


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