This past Saturday, my 8 year old nephew and I made our annual visit to the Shelton Fireworks Warehouse in Porter Indiana. Billed as the ‘Largest Fireworks Warehouse In The World’, with 15 locations in 4 states, it is a trip we both look forward to each and every year.

For the past 4 years, we have gotten up at 5.00AM on the 3rd of July to make the 90 mile journey from my in-laws home in Chicago. Shelton opens at 7.00AM and we want to make sure we are there when the doors open and beat the crowd. Yes, the 3rd of July at a fireworks store is comparable to Macy’s on December 24th, you don’t want to be there after 10.00AM. We always arrive before the doors open and have made it a habit to eat breakfast at the truck stop across the street. This also works as our cover in the chance we are stopped by the local law enforcement, ‘Officer, my nephew and I are just driving through and stopped for a quick bite to eat and no, those are not fireworks in the back of my car, we all know fireworks are illegal’.

This year we spent a total of 1.5hrs rolling our cart down each and every isle, past all types of pyrotechnic wonders, each one better than the last. We made our purchases and headed back to Chicago, talking the entire drive how I was going to set off each one and in what order they would be illuminated. (Disclaimer: I might take an 8 year old to a firework store, but I don’t let him light them)


The show went off the night of the 4th without any issues and numerous compliments from the crowd. We spent the AM of the 5th of July picking up the debris from our extravaganza and have already starting planning our trip next year.



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