According to my grandparents, there are a few skills things that every American man, women and child should learn in their lifetime. The first is knowing how to change the oil in a car, the second is how to change a flat tire, and the third is knowing how to fold the US Flag. At an early I learned to preform all three skills.(My grandfather owns a auto repair garage, reason for the oil change and flat tire to come before the flag folding)

There are numerous stories and meanings to why the flag is to be folded in the very specific manner, but the truth is the process was created by the US Army. The soldiers had to come up with a way that would allow only two men to fold the flag and keep it from touching the ground. The meanings of the thirteen folds were created years after the process had been established.

This Sunday, when you are taking down Old Glory, make sure to use the proper folding method. (shown above) By doing so will make Betsy Ross and my grandparents proud.



One thought on “MAKING THEM PROUD

  1. I agree with most of your comments.  The one I disagree with is you saying you know how to change a flat tire.  I seem to remember a time with the car falling off of the jack and losing a lug nut.  Anyway, have a great 4th.

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