This coming weekend the nation will be celebrating its 234th year of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. A majority of the population will be attending parades, carnivals and barbecues, ending the day with a outrageous firework display.

If you do have plans to attend a barbecue, there is no better way than to arrive in style while keeping your High Life ice cold with a Coleman Ice Chest. Introduced in 1954, the metal ice chest was the first to have a steel shell, with fiberglass insulation. The product evolved over the year, but always kept its iconic steel shell, until production stopped in 1994. Due to massive customer demand, Coleman brought back the steal ice chest in 2001, updated with smoother lines and thicker walls for better insulation, marketed as a Steel Belted Cooler.

The Coleman Ice Chest is an iconic piece of Americana. It is an item that is immediately recognized and most of us can say our families have owned at some point in time. If you are one of the lucky who still own an original model, this 4th of July I will be raising my High Life in your honor.


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