The gentlemen over at Winn Perry have gotten it right again. A few weeks ago a re-stock of their Alden Tobacco Reverse Chamois Boots arrived just in time for the fall/winter season. These boots are built on the famous Alden Barrie last with a plantation crepe outsole. The upper is what I feel is best about this boots, it is an Horween oiled tobacco reverse chamois leather. As an owner of Alden, 2 boots & 3 brogues to be exact, I immediately wanted a pair when they were released last fall. I love the comfort of the Alden plantation crepe outsole and felt the oiled leather uppers would allow me to wear these when the weather was foul here in Wisconsin. I was on the fence about purchasing them, going back and forth, contemplating if I REALLY needed another pair of Alden boots. By the time I made up my mind and was ready to spend another $425 on boots, to my dismay, they were sold out. I was relieved to see their re-stock entry last month and see that my size 9.5D was still in stock. Now all I need is to convince my wife that I REALLY need another pair of Alden boots. That will be easier said than done.

*All photographs from Winn Perry*


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