The other day a colleague made this find at a local antique store. I was immediately taken back to my Boy Scout days with Troop 12 in Northeast Ohio. Weekends spent hiking, the week long summer camp at Seven Ranges, and the yearly Trail’s End popcorn drive.

What I love about this pack is it’s simplicity. It is nothing like the packs of today, with their endless pockets and straps. Each part of this pack as a very specific function and nothing more. It was not designed to be a fashion item or to stand-out, it was designed to be just a pack, which a scout could fill with the needed survival tools that would get him safely through his adventure.

It’s funny, if you would have brought me this pack back when I was a scout and asked me to use it, I would have turned it down. It would not have had enough pockets, straps, or colors. Guess it would have been my loss.


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